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NPR Fresh Air Broadcast

Shipp, a mainstay of New York's downtown free jazz scene, likes big blocky chords and loud piano sounds. Critic Kevin Whitehead says the new album by the Matthew Shipp trio is "heavy in a good way."

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Dec 07, 2015 | Share:          

Zerang's Blue Lights Touring Europe this November

Following the release of their debut album "Songs From The Big Book Of Love" and it's cassette companion "Hash Eaters & Peacekeepers" on Pink Palace Records this May, Michael Zerang & The Blue Lights (European Edition) are heading to Germany, Poland & Austria next month to present Zerang's original compositions written for this brand new band, plus arrangements of Middle Eastern tunes that inspired him in his youth.

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Oct 23, 2015 | Share:          

Debut Album from Brötzmann – Swell – Nilssen-Love Out Now

We are excited to announce that the Peter Brötzmann – Steve Swell – Paal Nilssen-Love debut album, “Krakow Nights,” is out now on NotTwo Records. John Sharpe of The New York City Jazz Records reviews the album in the magazine's October 2015 edition concluding that Krakow Nights "constitutes one of Brötzmann’s most successful recent releases."

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Oct 19, 2015 | Share:          

The Perelman - Shipp Duo dazzles with two new albums in 2015

As Tom Hull writes in his review, "over the last two years no one has produced more top flight music than Perelman," and 2015 is adding to this statement with these two new releases, "Callas" and "Complementary Colors," both available on Leo Records.

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Oct 12, 2015 | Share:          

Rova November Tour Announced

Rova's tour kicks off November 8th at Sound In Motion, in Antwerp, Belgium, with a unique concert of the Rova Special Sextet: Rova Plus Belgian percussionists Jakob Warmenbol and Eric Heestermans. Below is a full list of upcoming shows!

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Oct 05, 2015 | Share:          

Concert Report: The Chicago Plan

Celebrating over ten years of collaborating together, Berlin saxophonist/composer, Gebhard Ullmann and NYC trombonist/composer Steve Swell join two of Chicago's finest improvising musicians; Fred Lonberg-Holm, cello/electronics and percussionist Michael Zerang for this new configuration. Lazaro Vega, Jazz Director of the Blue Lake Public Radio spotted The Chicago Plan in concert as part of the Underground Concert Series produced by, during their September Tour in the United States and wrote this wonderful report which you can read in full below. Watch this space for updates!

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