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New Album From Ivo Perelman – Matthew Shipp Duo, Out Now

The new album "Corpo" by the Ivo Perelman – Matthew Shipp Duo is out now on Leo Records! In 14 tracks of moderate length, the disc offers evidence of Perelman’s new "intervallic system," as well as a purified distillation of an ever-evolving musical partnership that has been compared to Brubeck/Desmond and Coltrane/Tyner.

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Ivo Perelman: Freedom and Expression

"In New York, the city of Charles Mingus, Elliott Carter, Deborah Harry and Bob Dylan – who all wanted to intensify music, to pack musical structure with more event and polarities of emotion – Ivo Perelman has been pedalling the new music that, to those looking on from the outside, fused Wagnerian length with the plainness of Erik Satie, the swerving colour of Rauschenberg and Pollock with the instamatic image of Warhol. If you follow Perelman’s music from 2000 to what has transpired until 2015 – an extraordinarily eventful decade and a half – it is fair to say that it has caused a kind of Rite of Spring fracas and turned the whole sound world away from the predictable to something wholly full of surprise."

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Ivo Perelman – Matthew Shipp Duo available for May 2017 dates in EU

European fans of the Ivo Perelman – Matthew Shipp Duo are in for exciting times in 2017 as the long lasting duo will be embarking on their first tour of major European cities. Some of the so far confirmed cities include Amsterdam (Holland) and Vienna (Austria).

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NPR Fresh Air Broadcast

Shipp, a mainstay of New York's downtown free jazz scene, likes big blocky chords and loud piano sounds. Critic Kevin Whitehead says the new album by the Matthew Shipp trio is "heavy in a good way."

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Dec 07, 2015 | Share:          

The Perelman - Shipp Duo dazzles with two new albums in 2015

As Tom Hull writes in his review, "over the last two years no one has produced more top flight music than Perelman," and 2015 is adding to this statement with these two new releases, "Callas" and "Complementary Colors," both available on Leo Records.

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